Our terminals operate in accordance with national and international occupational health & safety legislation and regulation. All our terminals are, of course, accredited in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). We place great importance on the safety and welfare of all our visitors; after all, they are barely aware of the safety risks prevalent on our sites, if at all. Unaccompanied visitors accessing our sites are therefore issued safety instructions beforehand. Hard hats, safety footwear and high-vis jackets are mandatory at the terminals.

The internal organisation focuses entirely on guaranteeing our clients excellent service levels. The risk of damage or delay is, as such, kept to a minimum. Naturally this only works in conjunction with a highly motivated, highly trained and dedicated workforce. Consequently all our staff members are fully accredited for the position they hold, and all external personnel are VCA certified. In addition, we pay a great deal of attention to training standards; our quality system meets the international ISO 9001 standard.