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In general, photo and film shooting is prohibited at Verbrugge Terminals B.V. in Terneuzen en Vlissingen, with the exception of photographing or film shooting of the head office with the company name. However, in some cases photo or film shooting can be permitted under certain conditions. In this procedure these conditions will be explained.

It has been stipulated in the contracts with customers that cargo of customers may not be filmed or photographed at Verbrugge Terminals B.V. In case instruction shooting has to be performed brand marks may not be shown.

Surveyors, who make photo shoots as part of cargo control, have to sign a statement that they are aware of this prohibition and the conditions under which permission can be given.

Pictures taken and film material can be claimed by the management of Verbrugge Terminals B.V. and must be provided instantly. Photos and film material must receive approval from the Verbrugge terminal management prior to any publication.

Tasks, authorities and responsibility
Permission for photo and filming can only be granted by the management of Verbrugge Terminals.

The permission will be given in writing and will only be given per case, for maximal one specified day. The permission is personal and can not be assigned to another person. In the permission will be clearly stated for which purpose the photo or film shoot will be done and of which subjects.

Additionally, the permission will include which person on behalf of Verbrugge Terminals B.V. will have the supervision or will be present at the shooting. The written permission should be brought at the visit and has to be submitted upon request.

(This procedure is part of the Security Handbook of Verbrugge Terminals B.V.)

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