Procedure drones

For the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), also called drones, we distinguish the private/recreational and professional use.

Private/recreational use of drones is prohibited in port areas. Professional use is only allowed when the underneath mentioned requirements from the Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (IL&T), North Sea Ports (NSP) and Verbrugge Terminals are fully met.

Requirements IL&T (Authority for Transport)


  • The drone pilot must have a valid RPA-L certificate (pilot’s flying license) and also general and specific declarations of competence must be submitted (such as a medical test).
  • For flying a drone two men are required at all times (one pilot and one observer).


  • The drone aircraft must be registered in the Aviation Register (Proof of the Dutch Aviation Register – called a BVI).
  • Only approved and allowed drones must be used (both physical- and flying test). For this the drone needs a valid proof of airworthiness (called a S-BVL).


  • A complete and approved (by IL&T) manual must be available including all procedures and risk assessments.
  • For exceptional circumstances/ conditions an additional Job Risk Assessment (JRA) should be made.
  • A liability insurance contract must be available.

So just having a ROC light permit does not meet the requirements!

Requirements NSP (Port Authority)

Requirements Verbrugge Terminals

  • A photo/film permit must be requested in advance via the Verbrugge Terminals website: . Per email you will receive a confirmation when the request has been approved.
  • After approval you’ll need to report to our security office in order to sign the application after which you will receive a copy. The pilot needs to have this copy at all times and must be able to show it upon request.
  • Flying near/above risky situations/conditions is prohibited.
  • An additional Job Risk Assessment (JRA) must be presented to and approved by Verbrugge Terminals prior to the recordings.
  • All footage is exclusively property of Verbrugge Terminals and must be approved by Verbrugge Terminals before any use / publication.
  • For filming and flying a drone over/near a ship, approval should be requested from the captain of the vessel. Of course the crew should be informed as well.


BVI Proof of the Dutch Aviation Register
IL&T Inspection Living Environment and Transport
NSP North Sea Ports
RI&E Risk Assessment and Evaluation
ROC licence RPAS Operator Certificate
RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft System
S-BVL Special Proof of Airworthiness
TRA Job Risk Assessment