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Pre-arrival notice in accordance with the ISPS-code

For every visitor of a ship/vessel, which has been moored at the quay of Verbrugge Terminals B.V., it is, for safety reasons, obligatory to notify their visit 24 hrs beforehand. On this website you can enter all the required information, take note of the admission conditions and safety regulations and finally send your notfication to the security. Upon receipt of your notification, you get a reply by e-mail within 4 hrs whether your request has been accepted. With acceptance you will receive a visitors form which you should show upon request at your arrival and during your stay at the terminal. Keep in mind that you should also show a valid ID card at arrival at the terminal. You can also use this form to notify your visit at one of our locations. In that case, your request will be forwarded to the secretary. For any further questions, please contact our security (tel. nr. +31 118-426427).

P. van der Made

Note: Deliveries of contractor materials must be notified through this application

Before submission of this request, the visitor is kindly requested to follow the safety instructions. You should bring a copy of the certificate when visiting the terminal. Your certificate is valid for 2 years.

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You need to read the conditions mentioned below, before finishing this terminal access request and take notice of our Terminal Regulations.

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By clicking the button below you declare to accept the above mentioned conditions. It is obligatory to send us a copy of a valid identity card by e-mail (the applicant as well as passengers)