COVID-19: On the terminals of Verbrugge, visitors, drivers and all other 3rd parties are required to bring and wear a mouth mask. Mouth masks are obligatory, in addition to the usual PPE's. 

Wearing of a face mask is obligatory:
-When passing around at our facilities
-When interacting with Verbrugge or other personnel


Over the last couple of years Verbrugge Terminals has gone through quite some developments. With a strong focus on a limited number of products/markets and on your support we have been able to continue to grow and develop in our key markets, such as: Woodpulp, Paper, Timber, Metals and Steel.

It is not necessary to stress the fact that this growth also has an impact on the way in which we have to handle our operations. This forces us to continually evaluate how we can improve and enhance the service to our customers. On-going evaluation at Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals, Verbrugge Scaldia Terminals and Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals taught us that with some adjustments in our procedures we should be able to significantly improve the times needed for loading or discharging trucks at our terminal. In order to achieve this goal we need your support and the support of your transport company. We therefore kindly ask you to forward and discuss the following requirements to your transport company.

Apart from our effort to further enhance the service to our customers we are also confronted with new international legislation in regard to port security procedures (ISPS), forcing us to register and forecast all trucks visiting our terminals.


  1. Upon release of the goods a loading reference will be assigned to goods. The owner of the cargo is responsible to pass on the loading reference to his transport company.
  2. The  transport company will report to the terminal (with an username and password on the internet at nexus.port2euro.com  (This username and password can be requested at department AVIS) 
    • latest one working day (before 12.00 hours) prior to the day of loading for time blocks 1 and 2   
    • latest before 10.00 hours on the actual day of loading for time block

  3. Every pre-advice gets a pin code. The combination of reference number and pin code are unique and can be used only once. For security reasons the pin code will only be mentioned in the confirmation mail.
  4. The drivers will report themselves at the Cargo Service or get their papers at the Fast Track at the entrance of our terminal. The drivers always need their reference number and pin code to get their papers. Their details will be verified with the pre-advise. If the truck arrives outside the pre-advised block the truck will be handled as soon as possible, however after giving priority to trucks arriving with the proper pre-advise. When the truck is proper pre-adviced, we guarantee loading within 2 hours. After these 2 hours you can claim waiting hours. For every waiting hour we compensate € 35,- per hour.

For questions about this procedure, please contact the AVIS team.
T: +31 118 426 390
F: +31 118 426 396
E: avis@verbrugge.nl