The bulk terminal in Terneuzen is equipped to handle vessels up to ‘Panamax’ format that are loaded with a wide range of ‘white’, dry bulk products. These include fertiliser, sulphate, phosphate, potassium, salt, soda, dolomite, Nepheline and various other industrial minerals. The bulk terminal has a total length of 1,700 metres. Ships are able to moor at the dock along a length of 650 metres and with a maximum draught of 12.25 metres. The terminal can simultaneously process three sea-going vessels up to a length of 200 metres each.

Dry bulk storage

Verbrugge invests a lot in the rapid and efficient handling of goods. Ships at the terminal are processed at a maximum rate of 1,500 tonnes per hour. These bulk products can be stored at the terminal. The dry bulk products are stored in covered units and the different types of cargo are   stored separately. The terminal has a total storage capacity of 600,000 tonnes for bulk goods.

Complete logistics package

Our clients rely on the fact that products are rapidly processed and shipped. To this end, we offer a wide range of additional services, such as emptying bags, customs handling, loading containers and customised ICT solutions. We offer a complete package of logistics services that is fully integrated into our client’s logistics chain. Our services are offered at competitive rates. We have excellent transport facilities and good connections to inland shipping, roads and railways; as a result, we are able to tranship products fast.