Offshore Wind Farms

Because of our location directly on the North Sea and the Western Scheldt, Verbrugge’s terminals in Vlissingen serve as an operating base for logistics services to large-scale offshore projects in the North Sea.


Through this powerful position, Verbrugge has managed to become a strategic partner of the Sarens Group, a global leader in heavy lifting and special transport. We work together with them to achieve synergy, both in terms of know-how and capacity. Through an elaborate and diverse package of transport possibilities, value analyses and tight project management, Verbrugge and Sarens offer their clients creative and cost effective transport solutions, first-rate storage facilities and a safe working environment.

Offshore Wind Farms

By working with Sarens, Verbrugge Terminals has gained extensive experience with so-called Offshore Wind Farms (OWF):

  • Greater Gabbard OWF
  • Sheringham Shoal OWF
  • Thanet OWF
  • London Array OWF
  • Riffgat OWF
  • Global Tech I OWF


Project Partners' Heavy Lift Click - Port Industry nr.1-2014