Wood pulp and paper

Wood pulp

Verbrugge Terminals specialises in the storage and handling of wood pulp. The world’s largest harbour for wood pulp is located here. The terminal in Vlissingen is the wood pulp hub for Europe. Verbrugge Terminals also has facilities for handling wood pulp in Terneuzen. This terminal mainly focuses on short-sea cargo from Scandinavia and the Iberian peninsula. Terneuzen also has a daily inland shipping connection to Rotterdam and Antwerp: this is an excellent option for exporting pulp via container.


Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals has been handling the transport of all kinds of paper since the 1960s. Every week, we receive paper (kraftliner, newsprint, liquid packaging board, sheets) from North America, Russia, South America, Portugal, Finland and Sweden. The rolls of paper arrive via ship and by train. We make sure that the products are handled efficiently and carefully, this occurs via ro-ro and conventional transhipment methods. We use highly skilled personnel and specific equipment to prevent damage.

Onward shipping

The products are shipped on via trucks, railway and containers. Verbrugge has extensive experience with loading paper rolls in containers. We offer a daily barge connection to Rotterdam and Antwerp for containers.

Added value of paper logistics

In Terneuzen, we offer various options for repairing rolls of paper, re-packaging, ‘rewinding’ it and cutting it to the right width and diameter.