Wood, steel and metals

On the European continent, Verbrugge Terminals is a market leader in the transhipment terminals sector and storage facilities for wood, steel and metal. It has gained this position by ensuring that its entire logistics services are of the highest possible quality, the virtually unlimited possibilities for storage and warehousing (in most cases, this complies with the strict norms of the London Metal Exchange/LME) and the wide range of possibilities for cost-effective transport to major industrial companies in Europe. We are proud of our performance in terms of ensuring that any damage is limited to a minimum. We rely on specialised equipment and experienced people to achieve this.

Extensive business hours

We help our clients with their efforts to operate efficient distribution systems, and to reduce transport costs. To this end, our business hours are from 07.30 until 23.30. We also assign a fixed contact person per client; he or she is responsible for the entire logistics services: from stevedores and customs to storage, transport and loading the ships. Clients have direct access to Verbrugge’s information systems. They have real-time insight into the status of their cargo.

Short- and deep-sea

We offer companies the possibility to concentrate their import and export activities via short-sea and deep-sea in one location. A large number of prominent shipping companies and stevedores have chosen to use the terminals in Zeeland. They sail directly from this location to the main production areas in Europe and far beyond.