Terminal access / ISPS

COVID-19: On the terminals of Verbrugge, visitors, drivers and all other 3rd parties are required to bring and wear a mouth mask. Mouth masks are obligatory, in addition to the usual PPE's. 

Wearing of a face mask is obligatory:
-When passing around at our facilities
-When interacting with Verbrugge or other personnel

Work permits

As from 24th March 2014 the use of work permits will be introduced for third parties working on our quays.

In order to make these operations as safe as possible, it is necessary to look at the interaction with the stevedores operations that take place in the area. This means that we will not allow any works from third parties within our operational area (in general blocked off with special fences). It is also important that we determine precautionary measures in advance, such as blocking off work areas, PPE, emergency, persons to contact etcetera.

Operations that require a work permit are for example (but not limited to): discharging ships stores with ships davit/crane, deliveries with vacuum- or tank trucks, lifting operations by third parties in connection with the ship (repair). Security will inform you (if applicable) about the work permit when receiving you ISPS-application. You can receive and sign the permit at the Security on arrival. After the work is done you are asked to leave the undersigned permit at our Security for administration.

For futher information please contact our security,

Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals

Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals

Verbrugge Scaldia Terminals

+31(0)118 - 42 64 27

+31(0)115 - 64 61 50

+31(0)118 - 42 68 01

P. van der Made
Safety & Security Officer