Basic course forklift

In many logistics companies it is expected that you can perform simple work tasks with a forklift. During this basic course forklift you will learn how to operate the forklift properly and to pick up, move and place loads correctly. During the course we will concentrate on an ergonomically responsible way of working and to work in accordance to the relevant regulations. You also learn how to actively contribute to safety at the work place.

Content basic course forklift

During the theoretical section you will learn about:

  • regulations
  • construction and operation of a forklift
  • inscriptions and concepts
  • stability and load handling
  • maintenance
  • safety

During the practical section you will learn about:

  • daily maintenance of a forklift
  • operating a forklift
  • manoeuvring of a forklift
  • load handling of a forklift
  • safe operation of a forklift 


You will finish the basic course forklift with a theory and a practical test. Following a satisfactory result you will receive forklift certification.

Validity of forklift certification

The forklift license is valid for 5 years.

Educational requirements

No specific prior educational requirements. Knowledge of the Dutch language is essential. Minimum age for course participation is 16 years.

Duration: 2 days.

Price on request.

Refresher course on request.