Specialised people and equipment for specific projects and project cargo

Verbrugge, together with its partners, has extensive experience in carrying out various projects. We 'unburden' our customers by offering a full-service package with specialised people and equipment.

Moreover, our terminals have direct access to the North Sea and a good accessibility by road, inland waterways and rail.

We also offer ample options for indoor and outdoor storage with a high load-bearing capacity of our quays, terrains and warehouses. 

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Verbrugge Terminals | Offshore wind projects

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Renewable energy | Offshore wind

Verbrugge Terminals | Offshore wind projects

Renewable energy | Solar

Verbrugge Scaldia Terminals | Solar park

Oil and Gas

Verbrugge Terminals | Oil and gas projects

Plug and Play

Our customers choose to easily 'plug in' to our activities. On short notice, we can put together an ideal project team.

The same applies to our specialised equipment that ranges from cranes to Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT), aerial platforms and forklift trucks.


Verbrugge Terminals | Professional transshipment of project cargo

Precise and secured military logistics

Verbrugge provides logistical support for different NATO - partners. To ensure smooth operations, we provide a large 24/7 accessible and secured storage location area with direct quay, road and rail access.

Verbrugge Terminals | Professional transshipment of project cargo

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