Terminal regulations and conditions

Carrier and driver information

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of drivers who do not understand our safety instructions. 

We as Verbrugge provide clear safety instructions by means of a leaflet with pictograms and a registration form in multiple languages. 

Safety is our top priority, and we want the drivers and our staff to return home safely at the end of the day. 

We will do everything in order to make the safety rules clear to the drivers. However, in the exceptional situation that we see it is impossible to guarantee the safety, we reserve the right to refuse a truck driver access to our terminals. 

We trust on your kind cooperation. In case of any question, please reach out to your customer service contact. 

Below you will find a summary of the instructions for the drivers, which you can share with your carrier and/or subcarrier. 

Download terminal regulations

Access to the terminal

  • Identification with a passport or identity card is mandatory.

  • Entry is prohibited for people aged 18 or under.

  • Wearing a helmet, safety vest and safety shoes is mandatory for anyone wishing to enter the premises. Additional personal protective equipment may be required in specific cases.

  • Smoking (all types) is not permitted on the premises (including inside vehicles), with the exception of the designated smoking areas. 

  • Open fire is prohibited at all terminals. 

  • Verbrugge has a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and drugs.

  • Eating and drinking is only allowed in the canteens.

  • No animals are allowed on the terminal.

  • Instructions of security and personnel must be strictly followed.


We adhere to the General Dutch Road Traffic Act, with a number of exceptions:

  • The speed limit at the terminals is 15 km/h.
  • You must moderate your speed if there is crossing traffic.
  • Please note that terminal traffic always has the right of way. In all other cases, traffic from the right has priority.
  • Passenger cars are not allowed in the warehouses.
  • When accompanying the shuttle bus, alarm lights must be used.
  • When driving independently (after attending a toolbox on independent driving) use of a flashing light on the roof of the car is mandatory.
  • Co-drivers are not allowed in trucks that arrive to load or unload products.
  • Driving through a restricted work area is not allowed.
  • It is not permitted to walk across the terminal.
  • On the premises of Verbrugge Terminals there is a general ban on moving with two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, etc.

  • Parking is permitted in the spaces indicated with a P, between the warehouse doors, and near the ship at the gangway in front of the safety barrier.
  • Parking or storing objects, materials and/or equipment is only permitted in the designated areas.
    If objects, materials and/or equipment are placed temporally in a driving lane or at an obscured location, this must be done in a fenced area.
    All objects, materials and/or equipment must be parked or stored in a safe location at the end of the shift.

Other conditions

  • Neither Verbrugge Terminals B.V. nor its management or staff, are liable for damages and/or injuries caused to persons, vehicles or goods.
  • Entering the terminals is not permitted without the correct authorisation.
  • The authorisation only applies to the requested purpose/nature of the work or reason for the visit.
  • Staying on the premises is forbidden: always follow the shortest possible route to the destination. You are not allowed to leave roads and paths.
  • Photography and filming are strictly prohibited on Verbrugge premises.
  • When recordings are made for promotional purposes or instructions, brands of third parties, cargo of third parties and persons must be kept out of the picture. Before publication of this visual material, approval must first be given by the management of Verbrugge.
  • The possession, use and/or being under the influence of drugs and alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the premises.
  • The information obtained during a visit must be regarded as confidential.
  • No goods or documents may leave the company premises without written permission. 
  • Security staff may search vehicles upon entry and exit.
  • In the case of a loss or theft of personal property, please report this immediately to our security team, Tel.: +31 (0) 118-426327.
  • The (personal) access pass provided to a visitor remains the property of Verbrugge Terminals B.V. Loss of the access pass is subject to a fine of €50 and must be reported immediately to our security team, T: 31 (0) 118-426327.
  • By entering our terminals, you agree to our terminal rules. In the case of a violation of the terminal rules, access to our company premises may be denied.

On request, we can send you an overview of our rules and conditions by post. Please contact us.

Veiligheidssymbolen / safety symbols

Please contact our security-team

T: +31 (0) 118 426 327
E: beveiliging@verbrugge.nl

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