Dry and liquid bulk

Terminals for bulk products

We specialise in the storage and transshipment of various dry and liquid bulk products. We perform these activities for different industries such as agricultural products, wood pellets, concentrates, fertilisers, and minerals.

Our bulk terminal in Terneuzen handles mainly different minerals and fertilisers, where our Scaldia terminal in Vlissingen specialises in agricultural products. 


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Minerals and Fertilisers


Transport liquid bulk

For the transport of liquid products, Verbrugge has a fleet of tank trucks and tank containers. These vehicles transport both non-hazardous and ADR-classified products throughout Europe. 

Because we offer intermodal transport by water, rail and road, covering a large area, from Scandinavia to Spain. 

Transport dry bulk

Our fleet of bulk trailers are used daily for both the petrochemical industry (PE, PP, PET) and for the supply of minerals such as soda ash and nepheline.

Verbrugge International Road Transport | Transport of dry or liquid bulk

Large-capacity bulk terminal

Our dedicated bulk terminal in Terneuzen, which is close to the North Sea and inland waterways, ensures a strategic location for reliable connections with the rest of Europe by water, road and rail.

The quay of our bulk terminal is 1900 metres long. Ships and barges with a maximum draught of 12.1 metres can moor over a length of 650 metres.

At Packaging Terminal Terneuzen (PTT), we package non-hazardous chemicals for our customers in small and large bags for distribution throughout Europe.

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Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals

VLT Terneuzen | Liquid bulk

The Verbrugge Liquid Terminal (VLT) consists of 3 storage tanks of 17,000 m³ each, in which liquids are stored for the fertiliser industry.

Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals

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