General Cargo

Precision in handling break bulk

We specialise in the storage and transshipment of general cargo. We perform these activities for different industries like wood pulp, paper, steel, metals, tobacco and project cargo. 



Loading woodpulp in barge

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Forest products

Hooked woodpulp units at Verbrugge Terminals

Steel and Metals

Loading steel beams on trailer at Verbrugge Terminals

Project Cargo

Verbrugge Terminals | Professional transshipment of project cargo

Raw Tobacco

Storage of raw tobacco at Alleghany Warehouse Europe

Oil and Gas

Verbrugge Terminals | Professional handling and storage of steel break bulk


Chartering and container forwarding by Verbrugge Marine

Sustainable high-cube transport 

We operated volume combinations and mega trailers, which have been specially designed for high-cube freight and are constructed for the high-cube transport of volumes up to 120 cubic metres. 

We also have Longer and Heavier Truck Combinations (LHV) consisting of a truck, dolly and mega trailer with a total length of 25.25 metres. By using these extra-long combinations, we ensure a substantial reduction in our CO2 emissions. 

Verbrugge International Road Transport | Safe transport and reliable distribution across Europe

Ahead in securing cargo

Do you want to have your pallets, bundles, units, roll containers, paper reels, sheets or coils safely transported from A to B? We are fully equipped to transport various types of packed and unpacked goods. Our vehicle fleet includes tautliner trailers and trailers with a Joloda system.

We offer the right cargo securing solutions for safe transport. In addition, our drivers receive continuous training on loading, stowing and securing cargo. This prevents damage to the cargo. 

Loading paper reels, Joloda trailer Verbrugge Internationale Wegtransporten

Delivery to any location

With truck mounted forklifts, our drivers can ensure that your cargo is unloaded at the desired location for your customers. 


Verbrugge International Road Transport | Delivery on any location

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