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Your European hub for wood pulp

Verbrugge has one of the largest designated terminals for wood pulp in the world. Our terminals in Vlissingen are also the wood pulp hub for Europe.

From our terminals, we have daily barge connections with Rotterdam and Antwerp: an excellent opportunity for exporting pulp by container. In addition, our terminals in Vlissingen have excellent rail connections for transporting pulp by railway wagons. We have daily scheduled train connections to the European rail network.

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Storage of wood pulp at Verbrugge Terminals

Handling and storage of paper

Do you want to have your paper reels stored and distributed? Our terminal in Terneuzen specialises in these services. Every week, we receive paper (kraftliner, newsprint, liquid packaging board, sheets) from North America, Russia, South America, Portugal, Finland and Sweden.

The paper reels are delivered by ship, train and truck. With our well-trained staff and special equipment, we ensure efficient and careful handling, by both RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) and conventional means.

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Discharging RORO carier Holmen Verbrugge Terminals

Value added services

Is one of your paper reels damaged? At our terminal in Terneuzen, we can provide various options to repair, repack, rewind or adjust damaged rolls of paper to meet the correct width and diameter.


Rewinding and cutting paper reels

Plywood and Timber

Other wood products, such as packages and bundles of plywood, boards and beams, can be stored and transshipped at our terminals. We will offer you a covered or non-covered storage area for your products, and we can distribute your goods throughout Europe at a competitive rate.

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Verbrugge Terminals | Professional transshipment and storage of break bulk

Transshipment by truck, train, barge or container

The transshipment of your products takes place by truck, train, barge or container. We deliver to destinations throughout Europe. For containers, we have a daily barge connection with Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Verbrugge Terminals | Professional stevedores

Are you looking for a modern, centrally located terminal to store wood pulp, paper reels or other wood products?

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Wood pulp, packaging and printing paper
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