Customs and fiscal representation

Customs formalities

In order to make your import and export process as efficient as possible, we will be happy to take these formalities off your hands. 

We hold numerous permits for storage, transport, imports and (re-)exports. In order to make your logistics processes run smoothly and without delays, we arrange the quick and correct handling of the import and transit of goods on your behalf. 

Our specialised team provides support for quick, complete and correct declarations. Thanks to our AEO-certification, you are able to benefit from faster turnaround times. 

Verbrugge Customs | Customs and Fiscal representation

Tax services 

Importing goods from outside the EU, requires various formalities under tax law to meet your VAT obligations. Verbrugge can assist you with these formalities. More than 500 companies have already appointed us as their limited or general fiscal representative.  

We have admissions from the Dutch Tax and Customs administration, which allows us to act as your limited fiscal representative for the import of goods and their subsequent delivery. To enable your sales transactions, we can register your company to the Dutch VAT administration and obtain herewith your Dutch VAT ID number and complete the formalities and obligations onwards as your Tax agent.

We can also act as your general fiscal representative. This gives you the possibility to buy and sell goods in the Netherlands. 

VAT warehouse 

Sales of EU goods, while in storage, must be invoiced with Dutch Value Added Tax (VAT). We have a VAT bonded warehouse license to store designated goods, where you will be able to perform your sales under a 0% VAT rate, even while they remain in storage. 


Verbrugge is AEO-certified, which means we have entered into a partnership with the customs authorities to offer our customers advantages in the logistics process. This ensures a faster turnaround time with fewer (physical) document checks.

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Can we assist you with our customs and tax services? 

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