Verbrugge launches new services for handling and fumigation of wood logs


After a successful period of trial and optimisation, Verbrugge launches a full package of services for handling and fumigation of wood logs at its terminals in Vlissingen.

Fumigation of wood logs in breakbulk

We provide handling and storage for wood logs in breakbulk. Shipments of wood logs up to 50,000 CBM can be handled and fumigated in a safe and efficient way. We can receive the wood logs either by barge, rail or truck. We store them at our terminal and load them on board of a deep-sea vessel. Our terminal is located close to the open sea, freely accessible for vessels up to 14.5 meters draft.

Fumigation is done on board of the incoming barges, at the quayside or on board of deep-sea vessel. A detailed operational plan is made, to minimize the laytime of the vessel and ensure fumigation and inspection within the shortest possible timeframe.       

  • Transshipment from and to ocean vessels, barges, wagons or trucks
  • Ample storage space
  • Container stuffing
  • Our terminals are located close to open sea and freely accessible
  • Operational draft up to 14.5 meters

Fumigation services for containers

Besides the fumigation of wood logs in breakbulk, we also offer fumigation services for containers at our terminals. We take care of the whole supply chain: We have the barging services to pick up the containers, for example in Germany or France. After fumigation, we forward the containers to the deep-sea terminal of your choice.

  • Container fumigation
  • Capacity of at least 1,000 containers per week
  • Transshipment of breakbulk from barge, wagon and truck
  • Stuffing services
  • Centrally located between Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Fast and reliable container forwarding to the deep-sea terminal of your choice
  • Collection of containers for example in Germany and France
  • Full range of logistical services


Container storage and container fumigation at Verbrugge Terminals

Verbrugge Zeeland Terminal | Vlissingen

  • Capacity of at least 1,000 containers per week
  • Centrally located between Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Stuffing of wood logs in containers
  • Barging services for pick-up and delivery
  • Customs and fiscal services
  • Tri-modal (water / rail / road)

Discover our Zeeland Terminal

Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals

Verbrugge Scaldia Terminal | Vlissingen

  • Wood logs in breakbulk
  • Shipments up to 50.000 CBM
  • Container stuffing
  • Tri-modal (water / rail / road)
  • Customs and fiscal services

Discover our Scaldia Terminal

Verbrugge Scaldia Terminals | Solar park

​In need for fumigation services? Please contact us for more information

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T: +31 (0) 118 426 208

Philippe Brackman

Please contact Mr. Philippe Brackman, Head of Operations
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