Alleghany Warehouse Europe

Storage, transshipment and distribution of raw tobacco

Alleghany Warehouse Europe is within Verbrugge the specialist in the reception, storage, transshipment and distribution of raw tobacco products. 

Storage and inspections
Hygiene and the right level of humidity are crucial factors in tobacco processing. For this reason, our Alleghany warehouses are equipped with an automatic dehumidification system and installations designed for weighing, sorting, relabelling, sampling and quality control. In line with the specifications of our customers, we also have fumigation facilities for treatment with phosphide. In addition, the raw tobacco can be inspected in an enclosed space, which is provided with artificial light.

Storage of raw tobacco at Alleghany Warehouse Europe

Transshipment by truck, train, barge or container

The transshipment of your products takes place by truck, train, barge or container. We deliver to destinations throughout Europe. For containers, we have a daily barge connection with Rotterdam and Antwerp.


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