Repairs and Packaging

Packing and repacking

Does your cargo need to be (re) packaged? Because large bulk packages have to be divided into smaller packages? Because a stronger or more flexible packaging is needed? Or because products have to be bundled? If required, we can also provide labelling.


Verbrugge has specialised equipment to rewind damaged reels of paper or adjust them to the correct width and diameter.

Rewinding and cutting paper reels

Seaworthy packaging

Our partner Interlashing B.V. can ensure the seaworthy and weatherproof packaging of your goods.

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Bagging and sieving

At Packaging Terminal Terneuzen (PTT), also part of the Terneuzen terminal, we package non-hazardous chemicals for our customers in small and large bags and then distribute them throughout Europe.

With our installation, we can (re) pack your bulk cargo in different types of big bags (600 kg, 1000 kg, 1250 kg) and also provide sieving activities.

Verbrugge Terminals - PTT

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