Verbrugge International organizes COVID-19 quick scan test for its employees and partners


In order to maximise our efforts to protect our employees and partners against the COVID-19 pandemic, Verbrugge International recently introduced a certified COVID-19 quick scan test at our location in Flushing.

After a joint consultation between the Verbrugge COVID-19 Prevention Team, the Workers Council, the Authorities and MJ Care Facilities, a dedicated testing facility was set up at Verbrugge’s location. All employees and partners were asked to voluntarily participate in the COVID-19 quick scan test and await the negative result, available within 30 minutes after the test was taken, before work commenced. This test was executed on 2 consecutive days by MJ Care Facilities (officially certified by the Authorities). 

More than 98% of all employees participated voluntary and by doing so, we were able to identify 2 persons, which were tested positive on COVID-19, who would otherwise have commenced their work without having any COVID-19 symptoms.

Overall, we can conclude that the COVID-19 quick scan is a good preventive measure, and we have not only seen a positive impact on infection prevention, but also experienced the power of ‘one’ Verbrugge team against COVID-19.

In the future, we are evaluating similar actions, in joint agreement with the different stakeholders and will continue reporting on these because only together, we can beat the COVID-19 pandemic!

Stay safe, stay strong, stay healthy!