AVIS | Truck pre-announcement registration

Rapid loading and unloading thanks to good planning and advance registration

A fast and smooth logistics process. That's what all our customers want. We help you with this, e.g. by the accurate registration of all trucks that call at our terminals. This allows us to minimise the time needed for loading and unloading trucks.

We use certain procedures to avoid waiting times and enable carriers to plan their transports accurately. It also helps us deploy our people and equipment according to the same plans. In this way, we work together to ensure a fast processing flow.

loading aluminium on trailer of  Verbrugge

Procedure for registering trucks:

1: Releasing goods

After the goods are released, the Customer Relations Team will assign them a reference number. The owner of this cargo is responsible for passing on this reference number to his shipping agent or transport company.

2: Registration of a truck

To register a truck, you need a Nexus account. You can request an account here.

Request AVIS Nexus-account

You can then register a truck for the correct time block. 

Block 1: 07:30 until 12:00 hrs          
Block 2: 12:00 until 15:30 hrs
Block 3: 15:30 until 19:30 hrs

Block 4: 19:30 until 23:30 hrs*
*Truck drivers must report themselves 22:00 hrs latest.

AVIS registration is only possible, up to the maximum limit set for the various time blocks. 
Registration in a block is not possible, when the maximum capacity is reached.
Trucks without proper registration will not be loaded or unloaded.

> Register truck

     Reference number and PIN code required

    When the truck is correctly registered, the transport company will receive a PIN code. The combination of the reference number and the PIN code is unique and can only be used once.

    The driver should report with the reference number and PIN code to our cargo service at the gate, or via the Fast Track at the entrance of our terminal. The data are then verified against the pre-registration information, after which the driver is given access to the terminal for loading or unloading.

    Arrivals inside and outside the registered time block

    Trucks that are correctly registered within the capacity of a block and arrive within the reserved time block have the Avis-status and will be handled within 2 hours. After these two hours, you can claim waiting hour compensation, which we provide at the rate of €35 an hour.

    Vehicles arriving outside the reserved time block and vehicles that have not received the Avis-status at registration, or that have not been registered at all, will have to join the back of the queue. These trucks will, of course, be handled as soon as possible.

    Please contact our Avis-team for questions about collection or delivery of cargo per truck. 

    T: +31 (0) 118 - 42 63 90
    E: avis@verbrugge.nl

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